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Message From CEO
Message From CEO

Dear Parents,

At GIS and as educators, we know how crucial it is for you to choose the right school for your child. This website is designed to help you make decisions that will suit your child's needs and respond to your future needs. 

 At Gheriany International School, our goal is to provide high-quality education and develop our children's academics kills and help students grow and internalize moral solid core values ​​in a supportive environment with our team of experienced teachers. Both educators and caregivers are well trained to create and unleash a child's full potential

and improve their talents. In our pursuit of excellence and educational progress, we encourage students to develop through various academic styles,

theories, and courses, whether by following the blended courses and practices we provide in our self-sufficient and beautifully appealing campus or by

participating in one of our school departments. Accordingly, our goal is to provide an educational experience that combines a wide range of cultures,

knowledge, and educational methods with embracement of the unity of fundamental ethics and the development of worldwide values. Every child is considered exceptional at Gheriany International School. We aim to provide the ultimate opportunity for your child to prepare for the future and embrace and enhance their personality and strength. We welcome you to this interactively engaging website, which provides you with all the essential information about the school that provided fulfilling answers to all your concerns and questions concerning the he student life of your sons and daughters. 

 We hope that you can align and find common ground with our philosophy, create better citizens with us, and create a brighter future together.

Ismail Gheriany

Chairman / Founder


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