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GIS American School
GIS American School
Gheriany American School .
Winter Break starts on Sun 22nd and ends Thu 26th of Dec, wish you all a very happy vacation.

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A peek on our coming events GIS – American Division – invites you to enjoy with us the International Day celebrations on 31st Dec, 2019. The International Day is the project of the Social Studies subject for the second term and it’s worth 15% of the total marks. The importance of that day is to foster respect and open mindedness for other cultures through celebrating our differences, as well as our common interests. We work on urging our students to appreciate other cultures, and this is one way to accomplish that.
~Each grade will be responsible for presenting all the information, culture and traditional folk of the chosen country; K1&2 presents USA, Gr 1&2 presents Egypt, Gr 3&4 presents Greece, Gr 5 Presents UK, Gr 7 presents Japan and Gr 8&9 presents Mexico.
~The photo of the needed costume for each country is sent under.
~Each class will prepare a dish from the traditional food of the chosen country for the parents and visitors to taste.
~Don’t let your child be absent on the International Day under any circumstances as we don’t want him / her to miss the joy of the day or lose the project’s marks.
Your attendance and participation is highly appreciated

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