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GIS British School
GIS British School
Gheriany British School .
Date : 26/9/2019

A letter from the Principal

It is an honour to gain your trust as parents and be in charge of your child’s education in an educationally-sound atmosphere, full of facilities and opportunities to shape their promising future.

We, at GIS British School, provide a high-quality learning experience for your child through fun, interesting and challenging activities. Our solely aim is to give every GIS student the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and values to live, work and adapt in any community, contribute responsibly both locally and globally; enjoy his or her maximum potential, not only in academic work, but also in creative, sporting and social activities as well.

Henceforth, we aim at addressing and embedding international dimension in curriculum-based activities. This is in collaboration with a British Council supervised program and in partnership with other schools and to support the implementation of the new Egyptian Education strategy Our educational frameworks are tailored to integrate a range of core skills into the curriculum.

Thereby, improving learning outcomes in:

Critical thinking and problem solving.

Creativity and imagination.

Digital literacy.


Student leadership.

Collaboration and communication.

Our academic approaches go alongside with character education plans for our students to understand and live a productive lifestyle in a fast-changing society.

Welcome to the GIS Family.

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