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Healthy and safety
Healthy and safety
  • Students in the Primary School are permitted to visit the School Doctor at any time during the school day with teacher permission. Students from the Junior School will be accompanied where there is any possibility of risk to them as a consequence of their going alone, e.g. after a bang to the head.
  • All Students will return to class with a written note from the Doctor explaining their injury and treatment administered, which will be placed in the student planner so as to advise parents of accidents/ injuries that required the Doctor’s attention.
  • All staff is familiar with health and safety documentation, including fire evacuation procedures, for the school and are expected to report issues of health and safety as per the Staff Handbook.

. The school doctor will be doing a regular daily check for all students. Check for other health matter (lice, nails, etc…) will take place twice a month. In case the school doctor has any concerns, he/she will address a formal private letter to the parents.



  • In the case of an accident, the student will be sent to the school medical center for treatment.


  • The School Medical Centre is on the first floor. The School Doctor is in attendance from 8.00 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. (Sunday -Thursday).
  • Break-time are normally the best times for students to visit the School Doctor to avoid missing classes.



  • These will be dealt with by the P.E. Staff until the Doctor arrives. If Staff are present they will help by keeping everyone calm. If it is deemed necessary to transport the student to hospital, the parent or guardian will be called to collect the student, whilst proper first aid techniques are utilized.
  • If parents are not available and contact is not possible, then it will be the decision of the Principal to take the student to hospital. He is the only person allowed to make that decision.



Only the school doctor, or her designated replacement is permitted to administer medication. Any medication sent to school will be given to the school doctor. A note must be written, stating the dosage and frequency of the medicine to be given. If any of these procedures are not followed, the school reserves the right to refuse to administer medication.


  • Medical records on each child are confidential. 

Serious Injuries

  • If a student is injured and is capable of walking he/she should be taken to the School Medical Centre. Depending upon the seriousness of the accident (to be determined by the member of Staff present or called to the accident) and the circumstances under which it occurred, he/she must be accompanied either by a student or a member of Staff. Staff will only administer First Aid if they are confident that they are doing the right thing. If there is any doubt in the member of Staff’s mind then he/she should send for assistance either from the School Doctor or another suitably qualified person.
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