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Our Mission and Vision
Our Mission and Vision

GIS is committed to providing students with empowered rationale and cultivated mental, physical, and intellectual skills to unify under a big umbrella of diversity. Accordingly, our students will be capable of consistently seizing optimal chances by cherishing respect, honesty, and equality. At Gheriany schools, students not only survive but thrive.

Gheriany International Schools' Mission is to encourage students to unleash their highest potentialities by providing a dynamic, positive educational environment with the full involvement of parents, teachers, and community members. Our Mission is implemented through constant work on the students' areas of development by promoting deep learning strategies and different learning styles. We aspire to have and sustain a practically convenient positive learning environment that embraces students' individual and personality differences. Therefore, we can bring forth highly effective leaders who value their authentic individuality, comprehend and accept other societies' civilizations. 

At GIS, we aspire to have our students pursue future goals with flourished academic, physical, mental expertise and a well-developed persona that honors their cultural identity and embraces other cultures. Eventually, our students pursue intellectual, physical, and spiritual worth through lifetime learning to lead purposeful lives and make worthy contributions to their community and the well-being of humanity.

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