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Prospectus and handbook
Prospectus and handbook

Mission Statement


Our mission is to bring forth highly effective leaders, who both honor their cultural identity and are understanding of other cultures. They pursue intellectual, physical and spiritual excellence, through lifelong learning, in order to lead purposeful lives and to make valuable contributions to their community and to the well-being of humanity.


This handbook will provide students and parents with all the essential information that you need to know about our school. Please read it thoroughly as it will assist you in your understanding of how our school operates.


The Handbook for Parents and Students will be updated each year. As such, we would appreciate any comments you have in order to assist us in making this document more effective. Please put your thoughts in writing. These then can be sent by email to our PR officer. Send it to our


GIS- Gheriany International Schools


This handbook is especially important for new students and families. However, it has essential information and it is recommended that all our students and parents take a few minutes to read through this document together. It will give a comprehensive view of the way that GIS operates and seeks to support our students, explaining both what you can expect from our school and our expectations of our students.


Our teachers are dedicated to providing your child with a warm, caring and positive foundation for their school years that will ensure a life-long love of learning.

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