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Why Gheriany school
Why Gheriany school

Gheriany International Schools, with its three divisions, serve quality education programs, programs for improving characters, and innovative and stimulating curricular activities.

 It is a priority to involve our new students in our school's culture, expectations, and resources. When it is good, the results of student efforts are an increase in retention and success.

 Social participation activities are the possibility that incoming students interact with current students. This could be through the icebreaker with personalized groups or participation with student clubs.  This is an excellent way for new students to understand what to expect and what to aspire to.

 It is a crucial component of any school life, welcoming students arriving in the new community. This includes enthusiastic students to be part of the campus and participate in school traditions. This is the way we build the pride of our students.

 GIS believes that the new guidance of students, held at the beginning of each academic year, is one of the most critical functional areas in student business.  Collect different departments to help shepherd students and make them feel appreciated, excited, and supported.

 Suppose the new students feel alone, isolated and how to nobody imports. In this case, they are much more likely from all the learning experiences. This is totally against our perception of the vision and the mission of the school.

 We are waiting for you to connect with colleagues and get our staff moral support and academic services.

Our core values are Quality, Fairness and Integrity


 We constantly strive to be the best in everything we do: teaching, research, creative expression, serving our community, and serving each other in our daily interactions.



 We strive to treat all people with dignity and fairness, and promote understanding and respect for the diversity of opinions, traditions and experiences.



 We believe that individuals are responsible for their actions. As members of the community, our actions affect others. When we think about the consequences of our decisions and activities, when we adhere to the principles of academic integrity, including fairness, accountability and honesty, we become stronger and tightly bonded as a community

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