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Why Gheriany school
Why Gheriany school

Gheriany International Schools, with its three divisions, cater for quality education, character enhancement programs as well as ground-breaking and stimulating co-curricular activities.

It is a priority to engage our new students in the culture, expectations, and resources our school has to offer. When done right, the results of the student’s efforts are increased retention and success.   

Social involvement activities are chances for incoming students to interact with current students. This could be through icebreakers with student selected groups or engaging with student clubs. This is a great way for new students to get an idea of what to expect and what to aspire to.

It is an important component of any school life is welcoming incoming students into the new community. This includes getting students excited about being a part of the campus and partaking in the school’s traditions. That is how we build our student’s pride.

GIS believe that the New Student Orientation, held at the beginning of every academic year, is one of the most important functional areas in student affairs as it brings together a number of different departments in order to help shepherd in students and make them feel valued, excited, and supported.

If the new students feel alone, isolated, and like no one cares, then they are far more likely to check out of the whole learning experience altogether. This is totally against our perception of the school vision and mission.

Waiting for you to connect with fellow peers and get the moral support and academic services provided by our staff.

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